5 Best (Vegan) Burgers for March Madness

If you are glued to the couch watching March madness and have no time to cook, there is good news thanks to the many fast food vegan & vegetarian friendly options out there.

From black bean burritos, a simple veggie pizza, French fries and falafel pita to name a few. Vegan foods are growing in availability and variety. NBA players such as Kyrie Irving. Are showing how a vegan, plant based diet can really help improve your energy levels and performance.

But sometimes, the classic, juicy, all American  burger comes to mind and nothing else will do.

So, if you are craving a burger and want something quick, vegan, tasty and easy during March madness, here are 5 ‘slam dunks’ for you to enjoy.


The 3 Pointer Black Bean Burger 

This is a really easy, juicy burger to make at home in advance of the games and then grill quickly at the half. If has 3 base ingredients, is nutritious and inexpensive to make.


The Faux Meat Burger

The Beyond Burger is a very faux meat option that does a great job of looking like raw ground beef. Thanks to beet juice and pea protein, it has a look and texture that may not be for all vegans as it so closely resembles raw meat. It has a satisfying taste and hits the spot for a lot of people wanting to eat healthier plant based food but missing that occasional all American burger experience. It can be found at the supermarket, and big stores such as Target and Whole Foods.   

The Impossible Burger is similar in appearance to the Beyond burger. It has a more ‘beefy’ smell. And is high in protein, B12 and iron. And can be found in many restaurant locations.

The faux meats can trick even your non-vegan friends into thinking they are eating a ‘real’ burger.


White Castle Vegan Sliders

Yes, Vegan food is finally getting the attention it deserves from the main stream, White Castle has launched its own Vegan sliders that you can find in the freezer section of your local supermarket and fast food outlet. Like all fast food it is convenient and easy but should not replace healthy fresh, plant-based foods as your main source of nutrition.


The Shake Shack ‘Shroom’ Burger

The Shake Shack ‘Shroom  Burger is not faux meat. It is all Portobello mushroom. It is deep fried so not that ‘healthy’ but if you are looking for a non-faux meat option; this is a tasty, occasional treat worth considering.  (Shake Shack plan to introduce a new bean based veggie burger soon).


Denny’s Veggie Burger

Denny’s is now serving Amy’s Veggie Burgers as part of their ‘Build your own burger menu. (And it is vegan).

Amy’s is a well-known brand that fits with the more traditional veggie burger image, as in it contains veggies. It has a good texture, no beet juice bleeding and can be found in most supermarkets.