Top 5 Benefits of Dandelions

The humble Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale) is more often seen as that annoying weed that is the spoiler in your pristine, perfect, immaculate lawn.

However, this pretty, little wild flower is a member of the daisy family. Although common, it is a revered herb. (Don’t pick and consume any growing in your lawn that is sprayed with chemical pesticides).

The young spring leaves make a delicious addition to a green salad. The flowers, leaves and roots make natural teas and extracts for a wide range of ailments.  

Dandelions are not only found in your lawn but also on industrial wasteland and patches of neglected earth often used as dumping grounds for all kinds of chemicals. Consider that the role of the dandelion in nature. It grows in poor soil, and its job is to nourish and enrich the soil.  That is why they keep coming back every year even though they get sprayed with toxic substances.

They are also one of the early spring plants that bees and other insect pollinators rely on to feed. Bees love dandelions and so should you!

Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. The Dandelions may help to fight cancer.

A recent 2011 study conducted in Canada, showed that dandelion root extract induces cell death in Melanoma cells without impacting non-cancerous cells. This is a promising result especially in the treatment of drug resistant cancer cells.

2. The Dandelion can help to prevent UTIs

If you suffer with UTI (Urinary tract infections), dandelions are commonly known as ‘wee-the-beds’ so don’t drink before bedtime. When mixed with natural anti bacterial remedies such as cranberries, they make a great tea that flushes out the Urinary tract and helps prevent UTI’s from occurring.

3. The Dandelion helps to detoxify the liver, improves liver function and makes skin glow!

A 2017 study in China suggests that polysaccharide molecules in Dandelions may indeed be beneficial to liver function in many ways.

They help to play an important anti-inflammatory role in protecting against oxidative stress that leads to liver damage from long-term dosage of medications and high fat diets. And by taking care of your liver with a small change like drinking a cup of dandelion tea each day. The whole body benefits, it’s like changing the oil filter in your car.

4. The Dandelion helps lower blood pressure

A diuretic that is high in potassium, dandelions can make a valuable contribution to a holistic approach to the treatment of hypertension. Talk with you doctor if taking blood pressure medication

5. The Dandelion reduces water retention, bloating. & aids weight loss.  

A recent study suggests that as well as helping with water bloat, the dandelion also helps stimulate enzymes that break down fat and aid digestion.

If you are taking any prescription medications, consult your doctor before drinking dandelion tea.

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