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2.0 rating
January 26, 2021

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Выгодно отправляем

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January 18, 2021

Wendy is amazing and incredible.

5.0 rating
February 27, 2020

She puts a wonderful healthy delicious spin on otherwise unappealing food products that I would maybe never eat. I hosted and she catered a beautiful valentines brunch for many women they ate every single thing she made and they all wanted more. She is an inspiration to people who need to find healthy ways of eating. Every single thing she made was delicious.She was very responsible and very receptive during our planning and she was wonderful with the delivery and organization of all the food items. I would definitely recommend Wendy and her services.



5.0 rating
September 3, 2019

Wendy walked me through what to do and what to expect so I was able to really enjoy my first cleanse.  Her advise and support was just what I needed and came right when I needed it.  She obviously has a lot of experience and tons of ideas, so I didn’t have to wonder whether or not I was doing the right thing. She’s a great listener and really paid attention to my preferences.  I feel like her advise was tailored to me; I learned a lot from her.


I had a wonderful experience

5.0 rating
March 16, 2019

I had a wonderful experience with the Dandelion Detox from Leafy Kitchen ! The duration of the detox was perfect with my very busy schedule and fairly simple to stick with it.
The first three days of the seven day detox were a bit intense due to actually detoxing from my daily eating habits . However , i never experienced super hunger or deep lack of energy . 
The plan of delicious simple recipes were easy to assemble and were satisfying .
Wendy , the creator of Leafy Kitchen explained that the recipes were loaded with healthful ingredients containing glutathione which is found in sulfur rich foods to help with the detoxification process , 
as well as the daily addition of fresh dandelion leaves and the tincture. 
After completing first 4 days of the program I’ve noticed a fresh and abundant surge of energy that was available to me and that my digestion felt lighter and more balanced overall.

Much Love, Aggie

She thoughtfully listened to my goals and created an individualized plan to help me meet them.
I have been an undisciplined eater for many years now, skipping dinners and snacking in the evenings.  I knew I was eating past the point of being full and often felt uncomfortable.  Wendy’s approach is wonderful.  She thoughtfully listened to my goals and created an individualized plan to help me meet them.  I was nervous committing to two weeks but I needn’t have been.  Recipe’s were easy and Wendy’s daily notes were fantastic: motivational, gentle, informative, and inspirational.  They propelled me forward in a way I had been unable to find for myself.  Even though the program is done, they are a treasure trove of encouragement.
When I feel like I’m slipping back into old habits, I just need to remember, “You’ve Got Mail.”

Golden Gut Program

Working with Wendy was a great experience. Having her as my health coach for 14 days helped me get my life on track spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Before starting with Wendy I knew I wasn’t as healthy as I could be. Having Wendy really helped me with accountability. Checking in with her daily was a huge help and helped keep me on track. She gave great advice, tips, motivation, encouragement, delicious healthy recipes and taught me what I should eat per day. I now eat a lot more vegetables than I did before, and have learned to plan meals and snacks ahead of time which really helps, and also try to fit in some sort of physical activity everyday. I’ve lost about 5 pounds so far. I’m excited to take what Wendy has taught me and continue along this healthy lifestyle.


My 14 day challenge with Wendy went a lot smoother that I anticipated.  I decided that I needed to feel physically and mentally healthier, but to get on track I needed some kind of outside support to guide and direct me. With Wendy I felt like I had my own personal guru who was there each step of the way advising and coaching me, giving words of encouragement on my bad days.  She encouraged me to get in some exercise each day, even if it was only a little walking; shared nutritional knowledge, recipes, calming thoughts and breathing techniques to calm my racing mind.  

I feel a lot healthier, even after only two weeks of new eating habits, feeling more energized and clear-headed each morning.  I lost 5 lbs, which helps me fit more comfortably into my clothes! I have learned that it doesn’t take a whole lot of extra time to plan my days and meals ahead, and I look forward to maintaining this simple, but effective lifestyle. 


Working with Wendy on living in a more healthy way has been a pure inspiration. She encouraged me in just the right way to kick start a renewed practice of eating and living more mindfully. She always had my back and I could feel her cheering me on. Her daily check in emails were perfect in terms of the way they provided concrete guidance and moral support. This is why she encouraged and inspired me to want to love myself more through caring not only about what I eat and put in my body but how I treat myself as a whole. Wendy is a fabulous health coach – she had compassion for where I was stuck, understood where I wanted to get to,  and was able to guide me to a place of deeper self-love which in turn propelled me to live and eat in a way that reflects a truer love of self.


My husband and I did Wendy’s three day cleanse together and really liked it.  THe morning smoothie was different but delicious and I actually looked forward to drinking it. The soup recipes were also good and there was plenty of healthy food to eat so we were never hungry.  We both began to feel more energy and focus after the first day. I immediately felt more mobility in my joints, especially my hands. Doing the cleanse also helped us to reflect on our daily diet and get back to a healthier way of eating.  Wendy was very supportive and reminded us every morning of what we had to do first. She also got back to me with answers to any of my questions promptly. We were only signed up for three days but ended up keeping the routine for another three days! We were really glad that we tried this and will surely do it again!  5 stars! Thanks Wendy!


I think we both felt lighter after the cleanse.My husband lost weight and is very happy with the detox program for that reason. He seems to be not having any withdrawal symptoms as well. Your coaching was extremely helpful. It was comforting to know that you were there for support. Also the cleanse was a natural cleanse, fruit and veggies. We both felt that after the 3 day cleanse, we wanted to change our diet to include more green juices, reduce our coffee, wine & dairy consumption.


When it comes to diets, you name it I have tried it!!! For more or less all of my adult life I have have been a total ‘diet pro’, trying every new fad that has come along hoping that this will be the one! Some worked (for a time) and many many more did not!! I have certainly lost weight over the years and had some great success, but every single time I gained the weight I lost back and more.

 From day 1 Wendy explained the program clearly and thoroughly so I knew what exactly I was getting into. She is kind and thoughtful and straight away felt comforted and supported by her. Most of all she inspired me to want to commit to this program and she did not disappoint.  Every day,  Wendy posted fun, inspiring, motivational and educational articles and recipes. she was consistently encouraging, sympathetic (when needed), non judgmental and really took the time to understand my own personal issues offering informed and helpful ideas and suggestion.  I have come away feeling better informed and fully committed to continuing this way of eating as a complete lifestyle change.

In my experience Wendy was never pushy or did at any point i feel i had to buy supplements.  She explained their purpose and how they might help and left me to make the decision.  

I highly recommend Wendy as your coach and I for one will definitely continue with the program on my own and will most likely join another group that Wendy leads in the future.

Thank you Wendy. 


I signed up for personal health coaching with Wendy Renshaw at the Leafy Kitchen hoping to improve overall health and my dietary knowledge….

But I left with vastly more.

I learned how to eat and prepare foods to match my own individual needs. I learned by focusing on my “Why”, I can apply this knowledge to anything from a simple mid-day snack to a full-blown nutrition plan. I learned how to use positive thinking and the value of planning for my nutritional needs ahead of time.

Not only was the course both informative and challenging but the life lesson I learnt was invaluable. Wendy has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.


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